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The Facts



In House CAD/CAM System

ALL units are custom and precision scanned, designed, and milled in houseby professional lab technicians.

We Specialize In:

• Saving our customers chairside time

• Large or small cases without metal

• All brands and systems of implants

• Precision attachments

• Digitally designed and milled diagnostic wax-ups

• Digitally designed and milled temporaries .


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  • The digital world now controls all functions in our lab. 100%.
  • Each case is scanned, designed, and milled using the most technologically advanced equipment in the world.
  • Our diamond zirconia has been rated “4 STAR” by Dr. Gordon Christianson.
  • A recent study showed all metal crowns down 60% with PFMs down 40%. Both continue to be used less every year.
  • Our diamond monolithic is now 95% of our business. This has occurred in just five years. Our customers have driven this change.