"I looked for a long time to find a truly personal working relationship with a high quality dental lab and with Grady Dental Lab, I have finally found it.

• I have always received outstanding service and support from Grady Dental Lab.

• The quality is topped only by the personal service and support.

• I don’t think that you’ll find a better overall dental lab as far as personal service, support, quality, and price.

• It’s nice to know that my exacting standards are shared with my dental lab.

• For a dentist that is looking for personal service, quality, and fair pricing, look no further than Grady Dental Lab.

• I can recommend Grady Dental Lab without hesitation.”

~Chris Koppelman, D.D.S. Edenton, NC

"I have worked with Grady Dental Lab for a number of years and have been more than pleased with their quality, professionalism, and cooperation. I consider myself very fortunate to have Arey and his son James as “partners” in our dental practice. Everyone at the lab is always eager to help with difficult cases, treatment planning, or special situations. I would, without hesitation, recommend them to any practitioner."

~Win Knight, Jr., D.D.S. Goldsboro, NC

"For 25 years, Grady Dental Laboratory has provided us with superior quality work, innovative ideas, and friendly, personal service. During all this time, I have never felt the need to look for another lab.”

 ~J. Vernon Rose, D.D.S.

          Bayboro, NC

Dentists' Quotes

"I have been using Crystal Zirconia porcelain overlaid full coverage restorations and Crystal Diamond monolithic Zirconia full coverage restorations from Grady Dental Lab for almost four years. Fit and contour are excellent. Esthetics of the Crystal Zirconia porcelain overlaid restorations far exceeds PFM. Advancements in shading of the monolithic Diamond restorations in the last eighteen months have been exciting to watch. I believe that in many cases the esthetics of the monolithic Diamond restorations is now worthy of consideration for use in anterior restorations. Arey and James Grady have been a pleasure to work with. They are always very pleasant, helpful and accommodating to work with. My satisfaction is indeed their primary concern." ~ Dr. H.V. Murray III D.D.S., Goldsboro, NC

"Our patients have benefited from the precision milling process of the Crystal Zirconia and the Diamond Crystal crowns that have been fabricated by the team at Grady Dental Lab. The Crystal Zirconia and Crystal Diamond product is far superior to the Cerac material; the margins are more precise and the crowns have better wear characteristics. The crowns are much stronger and do not fracture like the Cerac material. The Diamond Crystal product has a lifetime warranty against fracture and is a great alternative to full metal restorations, especially in the "bruxer" patient. The aesthetics are also much better and can be custom shaded. Our seat time is greatly reduced due to the precision milling process."

~ Dr. Emett Jones, Jacksonville, NC

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We, at Grady Dental Lab, are humbled and honored to serve such respected dentists.

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